Not tracking https webpage. http page ok. why?

not tracking https webpage. http page ok. why ? please help


I have the same problem.

The only thing I can see, each time I go to a https page, is: - - [01/May/2013:13:54:30 +0200] “-” 400 0 “-” “-”

in my access log.

I think I found the problem. If you use an auto-signed certificate you have to authorize it in all browsers you want to use.

I think it is the problem because I authorized mine on firefox but not on chromium and I am viewed by Piwik when I use Firefox.

I just installed free SSL Cert get it from “” but the still didn’t solve the issue.
May i know how authorize it in all browsers ? Please guide me.

Is the SSL Cert fron an official SSL ?

I mean, do you have to agree to a security breach page when you access your site ?

If so, there is no other way than to buy an official certificate to make it available to all browsers. That’s the aim of that security to be sure of the owner of the SSL Certficate.


I just saw the StartSSL website.

You have to take a class 2 certficate at least to have informations verified, I think.

For SSL tracking to work, Piwik must work when called on SSL.

Have you checked that httpS:// works without warning?

If it loads without warning in firefox or chrome or opera, then tracking should work as expected.