Not supported preference name: anonymous (in UsersManager\API)

Hello there,
I’m just having this unhandled exception inside UsersManager\API

ERROR Piwik\ExceptionHandler[2022-04-13 10:19:00 UTC] [8e00a] Uncaught exception: /var/www/html/matomo_4-6-2/plugins/UsersManager/API.php(298): Not supported preference name: anonymous [Query: ?action=index&date=yesterday&idSite=1&module=CoreHome&period=day, CLI mode: 0]

To have more information, maybe I need to enable error tracing? :thinking: I don’t know how to solve this
Webserver throws 500 error code and dies.


That documentation is valid for tagmanager javascript debugging, thank you.
But the situation here it’s a 500 http error and matomo can’t load at all.

Oops, sorry I made a mistake in the link I shared.
The good one was:

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