Not Showing Referral Websites

(Arlen) #1

I have the latest version of PIwik installed. It is not showing referral websites. If i look at my web logs via cpanel, it does show referring websites. My other sites are directing traffic over and showing that traffic is being referred, but PIwik is not showing that it is coming in.


(Thomas Seifert) #2

How are you tracking? Did you install the JavaScript Tracking code?

(Arlen) #3

Yes. Site is

(vipsoft) #4

If you’re hosting with HostGator, you’ll have to contact technical support and get your domain(s) whitelisted from the mod_security rules.

(tloosle) #5

Do you have to tell hostgator about all the sites you track stats for, or just the site that runs Piwik?



(vipsoft) #6

Whatever domain(s) that you use in your tracking code.

(tloosle) #7

Thats a real pain to have to get Hostgator to allow each and every site.

Anyone know if a hosting that works?


(vipsoft) #8

tloosie: Let me be clearer. If you have a single Piwik website at, and your websites at and all have tracking code that point to, then it’s only one domain ( to get whitelisted.

If you have Piwik accessible from all your domains (e.g.,,, .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ) – i.e., to get first-party cookies – then yes, there’s more domains to be whitelisted. Not really your problem on HG – they do the work of whitelisting the domains.

Arlen: I can’t see a problem from my end. Can you check the server-side error logs? And as a test, comment out the “try {” and “} catch( err ) {}” lines to see if any client-side errors appear?