Not showing Bing and Yahoo

I just installed this last night so I might be missing something but it is not showing complete data from anyone but Google.

Here are the results of the following:

Yahoo or Bing, type in a keyword, visit the website it shows the following

Direct Entry
Pages: 2nd Page the person visited.

No keyword shown in list of keywords.

Google seems to work fine. Is there someplace I am supposed to set it up for addtional search engines?

Thanks in advance

Only the first external referrer is going to be tracked as a search engine.

Sorry not sure I quite understand. I realize that the ‘Direct Entry’ is coming from a search engine, and this is the first external referrer but shouldn’t that show ‘what’ referrer it is coming from? There is no other search engine listed other than Google.

thanks again!

Snowfox is right. Piwik currently doesn’t show bing or yahoo referrers. Only Google referrers are shown.
But, in fact, there’s only one referrer to my site from so it must be another issue in piwik. I can’t imagine that Bing and Yahoo block the referrer although toher analytic tools can show bing as search client even with search phrase included.

This thread has over 100 views and only one other person seems to see the same issue where Google is the only Search Engine that it is working properly I am now curious if anyone else is having the problem. Can some of you viewing this thread please report if your version of Piwik Stats is having this issue?

My version is Piwik 1.0

thanks everyone!

Does this help?

If you’re testing your own visits, you have to clear cookies and wait.

If not, are you seeing the bing/yahoo in the referring websites table? What does the url look like?