Not all users have visits being recorded

If I have a group of 10 users, all using same computer type, same browser version, same website, all on the same network… what could cause 1 or 2 of them to not have any analytics at all?

If a different user logs in on the same browser (same network session/computer login as first user), I will see their analytics.

What the heck is going on…

this shouldn’t happen. Can you try debugging as per:

Im following topics yet not getting emails. Great.

I will research and follow the debug. Just fyi, this happens across many pools of users across the country. Same scenarios, 1 or 2 out of 10 will not report stats. The groups of 10 work in the same office. This is happening for every group of users. I wonder if we have a situation that was reported with server version being too long for the database? Is there another field with the issue?

Can you give me more details:

If the requests are triggered from your app or software directly, you can output or log the Tracking URL piwik.php?… and manually load it to view the logging messages.

These are triggered by javascript within a hosted website (app). Where will the logs be?

Maybe this is cause by the Intranet setting? If anyone uses piwik for any hosted website by outside clients, they all use firewalls and probably report the same IP address. This has nothing to do with Intranet, Right?

This fixed the issue. In my opinion, this should be better documented and maybe even set by default. If you have 2 users behind the same firewall, you must set this setting or you wont record many of your users actions.