Not able to track when using in server

Hi Team,
I was able to track the react application using (@datapunt/matomo-tracker-react) in local using xampp. When I tried to use in server using docker-image I was not able to track, here we use separate mysql server, setup is complete and able to login, but got some issue in setting up website.
urlbase to access metomo : http://someip:8081/ - metomo accessible url
we have added trusted hosts in config also and url in website configuration as (context path) - not working
localhost:3000(without context path) - working in local
Can someone let me know where I am doing mistake

Hi @Srinivasan_K
Couldn’t ib be because of mixing https url (the tracked page) and http tracking endpoint? Some browsers disabled such cross scheme request…
Can you check if there is any error in the JavaScript console of your browser and also in the network console of the browser?

Thanks Philippe, I am not getting any error, We installed matomo in onpremise using docker image, plz let me know how to configure via context path like this, Ex. from http://someip:8081 (this matomo url is working with ip & port)

Hi @Srinivasan_K
What is your tracking method? What kind of bootstrap code did you use?
Can you check if you have any HTTP request from the tracked page to the Matomo server? What is its pattern? What is the HTTP return code? How did you configure the site in the Matomo UI?