Not able to get Piwik to work!


We have correctly installed Piwik on our application server. Piwik is running on a apache webserver and on the same machine we have a jboss application server running.

The problem is that we can’t get any traffic information into the Piwik system. We have added the code below to our web (xhtml) pages just before the end body tag. At the first (original tracking code) we got the error: ReferenceError: Piwik is not defined. After some googling I noticed that our application server doesn’t seems to be able to load the piwik.js. and on advise from this forum I added/imported the piwik.js directly into the web application, the reference error is gone now, but we still don’t get any results in Piwik.

One side note: the environment that we are using is not accesible from the public internet and so it doesn’t has a public domain name, only an internal one. I assume that this shouldn’t be a problem. It seems to me that you would at least see how many (direct) visitors were on your site. Or does is only show visitors that were redirected by google or other websites?

There is one thing in code above that I find a little bit strange, and that is that both https and http protocol are on the same port 888!?

Is there anybody that can help me and say what I am doing wrong.

Kind regards,
Rik Janssen

And another thing that is strange is the Piwik URL: localhost:888

When this is run from javascript (clientside) what is localhost? localhost of the user or localhost of the application server?

the URL shouldn’t say localhost, go to Piwik server using the public hostname, then click on Settings > Websites > View Javascript Code

you will then correct code with the public piwik URL

Okay, I already thaught that this would be the reason why it doesn’t work.

But does this also means that the Piwik system is accessible for everybody in the internet? That everybody can access the login screen of the Piwik dashboard web application?