Non-mobile Hits Don't Appear to Register As Visits

Good morning. I’m sure I’ve messed up something on my end but after a few hours I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I installed Matomo on my server and I have it connected. I’m getting reports of visitors when they’re using mobile devices like an iPhone or Android device, but when someone visits the site using a desktop or laptop with a web browser they do not register as hitting the site.

I know it’s happening because I’ve had various friends testing for me by visiting the site. The mobile folks have 100% results in the tracking, the desktop folks 0%.


When you open you website on desktop, open the browsers developer tools and look for errors.

Maybe you all have an adblocker or something similar installed that are blocking Matomo or you have DoNotTrack enabled in your browsers which makes Matomo ignore the requests.