Non-clickable icon links

I’m running a small German blog. I decided to use fontello to create lightweight customized icon fonts and Skeleton for the basic layout stuff. All (S)CSS files are merged together by sass.

Using piwik is giving me strange behaviors in Chrome. Trying to click the social media icons at results in a JSON request but the click wont open the actual page.

Once the piwik JavaScript is blocked or removed from the source, everything works as intended.

Is this a bug? What is piwik doing that it prevents Chrome from opening the links?


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I can reproduce the issue, but missing an idea what could cause this. It has to do with target="_blank", as it works on all links without it and links without icons stop working if you add target="_blank". Maybe the fact that you have minified the tracking code is related? (But that shouldn’t cause any issues)

I hope someone else has an idea what could be the reason.