No visits recorded since upgarding to 4

Since upgrading to version 4, we have recorded zero visits. I initially upgraded to 4.03, then a couple of days later to 4.04 after seeing the upgrade notice. Since the upgrade no records for anything.

Our tracking code on the webpages is up-to-date (I double checked the code generated by version 4.04). The suggested database upgrade to UTF8mb4 charset was done and the only error still showing on the System Check is a notice about “LOAD DATA INFILE”, but that has been showing since we started with Matomo and we don’t have a high volume website. MySQL and PHP are newer versions than the minimum suggested.

I can see the matomo.js file lading and seems to connect to the cookies, but see no response sent back (if it sends any sort of XHR response).

I don’t want to downgrade to 3, but may have to unless I can get 4 working.

Same here. But the Real-Time statistic is working.

Hi @mrcycling,

The easiest way to find out why no data is recorded is to temporarily enable and check the response to matomo.php in the developer tools of your browser on the tracked website.

Hi @Boyan_Vassilev,

If you see visits appearing in the visitor log and real time reports, then your issue is completly unrelated and it seems like archiving (the process of creating reports out of raw data) is not working correctly.

Please check that your cronjob is running successfully or if you don’t have one set up that browser archiving is enabled.

I have a cron job set. Here is what it is returning:

INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 INIT
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Running Matomo 4.0.4 as Super User
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 NOTES
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 - Async process archiving supported, using CliMulti.
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 - Reports for today will be processed at most every 60 seconds. You can change this value in Matomo UI > Settings > General Settings.
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 - Archiving was last executed without error 3s ago
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 START
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Starting Matomo reports archiving…
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Start processing archives for site 1.
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Finished archiving for site 1, 0 API requests, Time elapsed: 0.002s [1 / 1 done]
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Done archiving!
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 SUMMARY
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Processed 0 archives.
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Total API requests: 0
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 done: 0 req, 134 ms, no error
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Time elapsed: 0.134s
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 SCHEDULED TASKS
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 Starting Scheduled tasks…
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 done
INFO [2020-12-06 09:30:05] 3279 ---------------------------

Just noticed that all the stats (except the Real-time) is updated just once for 24 hours. Here is my cron, and it was working well before the last update of Matomo:

*/30 * * * * /usr/bin/php /PathToMatomoInstalation/console core:archive --url= > /dev/null

With the last update (4.0.5), this was fixed. Thank you!

Just one more thing - after version 4.0.4 the “average generation time” stats is stopped working.


For the average generation time, please see here:

The quick summary is that Matomo 4 collects different and far more detailed data in a separate report and it is only shown so you can still see your old data.

I stripped all of the extra tracking conditions out of the embedded page script and it started working. Now I have to experiment to figure out which was the cause, but sad that version 4 forces me to track less aspects than 3 did.