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(n2turtles) #1


Piwik doesn’t seem to work on my website.
I’m recording stats with Piwik and Google Analytic.
It works with Google, not with Piwik
If I go to my database, I see several entries in the tables (piwik_log_visit, piwik_archive_blob_2010_02,…) but nothing appears on the admin page
any idea why ?

thank you

(Jens) #2

What ID is in the piwik tracking code you added to your site’s html?
Is it the same ID of the website you’re chosing in piwik?

(n2turtles) #3

The ID is 2 (first was a test) and the code in my website is the same as the code on the SiteManager
What do you mean by the ID I’m choosing ?

edit : it works if I change in the url the “idSite=1” to "idSite=2"
how can I do it without changing the url ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

(n2turtles) #5

In Piwik, make sure you selected the right website in the website selector.

I don’t find this website selector

thank you