No tracking on some days !?

I am running Matomo Statistics (4.5.0) Wordpress Plugin on an own Server (with PLESK) since December 2020 without any problems. But since August 2021 on some not successive days (together 12) no single user was tracked, which is not possible (usually I have min. 60 and max. 200 users each day).


I don’t know what could be the reason, in the Diagnostic section I have only following error message, which cannot be the reason:
“Proxy header - HTTP_X_REAL_IP - A proxy header is set which means you maybe need to configure a proxy header in the Advanced settings to make location reporting work. If the location in your reports is detected correctly, you can ignore this warning.”

Do you have any idea how I can solve this bug?

Try maybe to invalidate data for the period august-september:

Thank you Philippe, the suggestion to invalidate the history worked perfectly. I have Installed the Wordpress Plugin.

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