No tracking on external visits

First my system description:
I have running server 2019 with php 7.4.15 and running only https, also for Matomo.
Actually there are a Hyper-V with two VM Servers. The fist one is mainly for exchange and the second one runs the web server IIS with Sophos (firewall) , php, Typo3, MySQL, …

The tracking works fine for all internal traffic, but external visits are not tracked at all. So, it should be no problem with the database in my opinion.
I can access to the Matomo page from external without any problem.

Which steps/tests should I do next to figure out the problem?

Thanks for our help, HGA


Can you maybe also check the developer tools of your browser and see in the network tab if the matomo.php succeeds. If it does you can (temporarily) enable so that Matomo responds with a verbose log to the matomo.php request which should explain why it was not stored.

sorry I cannot, because for the external test I have used and that don’t alllow me a browser developer tool.
But maybe you could do it for me.
Thanks Lukas


I don’t see anything weird.

You should be able to see a visit from an IP address starting with 77.

If not, enabling debugging might help to find the issue.

Thanks Lukas,
under visitor-log there is nothing!
For debugging I have to install the special version?
Do you have a link for me?


I don’t know what you mean by “the special version”.

You just have to add two lines in your config/config.ini.php inside your Matomo directory.

Hi Lukas,
I had in mind, to read something like that. But that’s must be wrong.

I got debugging now working and get logs. But there are really strange!
For example:
If I using I got logs, but they are having the IP, which is my internal sophos address.
I also could see, “Search bot detected, visit excluded”.

On the other hand, if I use my smartphone (with WLAN swiched off) I can not see any log, but the smarthone shows the web sites?

To test more, I think I have to understand better, what kind of access matomo ii doing. I could not find any detail description up to now.
My guess is, that it have maybe something todo with the sophos firewall.
But currenty I don’t understand, why one external acces will be tracked and another not.

Thaks in advance for your help, HGA.

Finally, the Client IP was changed by the Firewall.
To add in config.ini.php under [General] proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR was solving the problem.
Lukas, thanks for your support, Hans-Georg