No Tracking in Dashboard but No Errors - Fresh install 2.1

Yesterday, I installed a fresh copy of Piwik 2.1 on my server. I created a new site in Piwik and embeded the tracking code in the footer of the site. When I go to the site and view the request to my Piwik server in chrome developer tools the server returns a 200 response indicating that it was successful. Everything appears to be setup properly but Piwik isn’t showing any visits in the Dashboard.

I’ve also setup a cron job to handle the archiving and when I view the /tmp folder there are sessions being created however none of the logs are being transferred to the DB. In addition, Under Settings -> System Check, I see all green arrows. There are no errors being reported in my server error log.

I’m getting super frustrated and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate any help on the matter. Below I’ve included a the response being returned by Piwik as well as a link to my site. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Apache 2.4.7, PHP 5.5.9, and MySQL 5.5.35.

I’m also getting this error in my cron job - Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column ‘log_visit.location_provider’ in 'field list

Thanks for the report. I created ticket also tried to fix: Fixes #4886 · matomo-org/matomo@54a3399 · GitHub

can you apply patch (or replace these two files) and does it fix the issue?

Thanks Man! That seemed to work for the stats but now the geo location stuff isn’t working. I’ve tried all the options but settled on PECL. Do I need to add a link to a geo DB? If so is this something needs to be uploaded to the server or can it be a URL? Is there an example of a typical setup?

see Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo