No tracking after update to Piwik 1.11.1

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, so let me first of all say “hi” and I want to thank everyone who’s contributing to Piwik, as this is such a great service!

However, since the update on 1.11.1 I am struggling with the fact that tracking stopped working. I did not change anything on my server nor with regards to my tracking code. From the moment that I upgraded to 1.11.1 Piwik does not record data anymore… :frowning:

I cannot see any errors in my server logfile. So I deleted the whole Piwik folder and copied the files from the previous version. Switching back to 1.10 solved the problem, i.e. my data is tracked again. This proves that it is not my fault, right? ;-))

Despite the fact that I lost 4 days of data - do you have any idea/hint, why 1.11.1 will not work on my site? I noticed a few people over here having similar problems. Shall I just wait until the next release?

Thanks for your help!



Michael do you have a UserLanguage plugin in your list of plugins? If so, disable it and then delete the plugin in plugins/UserLanguage.

This plugin was replaced by the LanguagesManager plugin and can cause Piwik to not track visits. Otherwise please check error.log for hints and post any errors you see here.

Piwik 1.11.1 is stable and should work for everyone.

Hi Fabian,

no, the user language plugin was not present. I just deleted 1.10.0 and copied all files from 1.11.1 over. After inserting my old config, it now seems to work - at least current visits are tracked at the moment. Do not know what caused this to work right now, but I will keep an eye on this.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for your help!