No support and multiple issues with app

Just wanted to say how disappointed we are in the support for this app.

We spend nearly $1800 on the premium bundle and are having a multitude of issues with it. We can’t even offer it to our clients and it looks like we won’t be able to.

We are very disappointed in this company and the way it handles customers.

I will not recommend this app to anyone.

Maybe this is something for @karthik.

Hi @webcoreinc ,

A reply was sent to you already. Support team does not work over the weekend and we’re sorry about the inconvenience.

@karthik i appreciate the eventual reply from support, but i have been begging for support for at least a week.

Only after i raise a stink i get support. It’s unfortunate that was the case.

We are still having issues.

Matomo is extremely difficult to configure and doesn’t play well iwth others like firewalls, apache, etc…

Btw, we own our datacenters AND our servers so its not some cheap shared hosting plan.

I manage 5 server admins and we manage dozens of big blades and configure custom apps daily.

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same question i have