No Stylesheet after update to 2.0


as already stated in subject my browser is unable to find the stylesheet after updating to 2.0.3. I already tried the steps as described in FAQ 135[/url] and [url=]FAQ 148 but none of these helped. I also tried the system check but it found no errors.

Unfortunately I have no access to the system log file. The only hint I found was firefox’ developer console which told something like “Could not load css because its type was text/html instead of text/css”.

Do you have some ideas what is the reason?

Thanks in advance

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

These two faqs should have helped for sure… what’s in your server error logs?


Unfortunately I use a web hoster that does not provide access to the error log. Is there any other place to look (piwik’s own log for example)? I already checked firefox’ own developer console which told the message provided above. Could that be a hint to the problem’s cause or is this quite normal?

Today I made a full new installation (without my backed up config file or database) but it has the same issues (and also in different browsers).

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

The host should provide error logs at least on request, otherwise we can’t find out what are the problems (guessing is too hard)