No stats in website added later

(sebigbos) #1


I installed PIWIK a few weeks ago to track visits from a website and it works fine. Now I added another website and installed the tracking code but I don´t have any counts of visitors of the new website. The other is still working fine.
I looked already the FAQ no stats.
Hope for help,

(sebigbos) #2

update: PIWIK is counting the new website, I see. But the stats are added to the stats of the first website. As I built the second website, I hosted it on a subdomain of the first website und moved it later. Maybe the problem starts there…

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

verify that your piwik tracking code contains the right website id, and that you didn’t copy the same tracking code on the 2 websites

(sebigbos) #4

bingo, that was it.
thanks matt,