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(Christian Schneider) #1

Dear all

I use Piwik since one year with great success… Since two I also have a great problem. I don’t think that we really have some hugh traffic sites on our installation, but let me say one or two medium traffic sites and the other are lower traffic sites.

The main domain with siteId 1 has no problems! All the other pages doesn’t show any entry in the reporting page. I took a look in the database and can see that tracking is possible, so a visitor comes to site and is tracked in the database. On the other the reporting told me that there are 0 visitors on this site. I have this problem since two weeks…

As some background information. Without any changes I had a problem with table piwik_log_visits. With SQL I gave the statement: REPAIR TABLE piwik_log_visits and the result told me that there were three entries corrupted and repaired…

Does any one have an idea how to fix the problem of reporting. The data will be there, but isn’t shown anymore (except siteId 1).


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Did you setup auto archiving?
do you have errors in your apache error logs?

(mende) #3

[quote=matthieu @ Jan 20 2010, 06:48 AM]Did you setup auto archiving?
do you have errors in your apache error logs?[/quote]


I have the same problem. “No Data” in all reports. Still the tracking in the database does work… I’ve set up some goals. Is that the reason?


(Christian Schneider) #4

Hi together

First of all I guess that I found a possible solution, I havn’t posted it yet, because I had to take a look if it works. At the moment I would say yes…

Yes, I setup auto archiving
No, there were no errors… Neither in the apache log nor in the mysql log

Here is the solution (don’t know if its correct):
I took a look in the database table log_action and found out that some of the rows have an idaction 0 (since a fix date). Taking a look in the code of the tracker brought me to the idea that I have to do the following steps:

  1. stop tracking
  2. delete rows with id action 0 from log_action and log_link_visit_action
  3. add primary key to idaction on log_action
  4. make idaction on log_action auto increment
  5. restart tracking

Maybe it is an error after the last update, but I don’t know… If there is an other fix please let me know?