No stats after 1.0->1.1 update

Hi, I have problems with Piwik after update to to version 1.1. Yestrday the update ended correctly, but today this waited me:

This is my traffic statistics from yesterday. Every page lost the statistics, if I check today statistics same zeros everywhere. I checked the live statistics via Desktop Web Analytics, there is everything ok, I see there the visitors, but they are not in the graphs. Actually I updated to version 1.1.1 and same problem. Please help me with this before the web owners kill me. Thank you.


First, check that ‘enable browser archiving’ is set to true in the Admin settings (if disabled, make sure the cron tab is running).

If this is still not working, please send me by email:

  • your piwik URL login and password
  • FTP or SSH access
    at I’ll do my best to find out what went wrong…

I have the same problem. Empty cache, login again and all ZERO visits. Please help!

Just one update: After enabled: Allow Piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser… everything came back. Thanks.

Yes, it’s working now.

Thank you, same works for me:

“Enable Browser Archiving” does the magic.

Hoping for a bugfix, because the cron job was very useful!

There is apparently a bug for some users that cron archiving doesn’t work anymore in1.1. Please post your configuration details on the bug report: Archiving doesn’t work anymore on 1.1.x with the cron script · Issue #1974 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub