No statistics

Hello, since the last update Piwik, I have no more visits to my sites.

What might be the problem?

It may be that your document.write is expanded onto two lines.

What is your site URL so someone can take a look?

I tried the first solution but it doesn’t work.

the URL is :

Thank you.

Can you try this php code when you access your dashboard via https?


ok thank you. The result is :

string(2) “on”

up :S

no working

Until update to 1.1.1 not catch any visit… !!! What’s the problem?!

Statistics are in the dumper as of late - I blame Obama

My problem is that since the last update Piwik, I have no more visit.

It is normal for many of us have this problem since we made to upgrading?

Do you see visits on your website in the Live! plugin widget?
If yes, visits are tracked, if not there is a problem with your javascript.

Since the upgrade to te verion 1.1.1 thwre are no activity in Live!

What can I do to solve this problem with javascript that you says ?

Thanks in advance!!


if you don’t see activity in Live!, then post your website URL here so we can see if there is an error in the JS or the request

Thx, the URL :

up please

Many of the visit is not recorded. Some of the test to force a refresh access can be statistically
"ctrl + F5"

tomtom: I don’t see any obvious problems with your tracking code.

As far as I can tell, it should be working.

Check your web server log and mysql log. See if there are any errors reported.

The problem is solved. Archiving data were no longer. I go into cron tasks. This is fixed.