No statistics on a site

I have several sites that work and I see that an optimized joomla site do not display visitors.
I’m using a javascirpt file on other sites but I’m having trouble with optimizations extensions
Anyway I found the method with the image.
If it works it’s great and I will replace it on all my sites to better pass the performance tests
For the moment it is not the case.
I see “matomo” while doing research on the source code.
On matomo, I look by refreshing the module “Visit in real time”.
I empty all the caches
I visit the site to see the follow up.
My IP address is not excluded
An idea to solve this problem ??

Well actually I now have visitors but I do not see the connections I make.
I did not block my ip on this site. Is there a place where I block it for all the sites.
Anyway I found the method with the image.


you can exclude your IP-address in the configuration of Matomo.
See How do I exclude traffic from an IP or a range of IP addresses? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo