No showing logo on with Kubernetes


I want to migrate Matomo from a VM to k8s. I want to re-use the URL where Matomo is reachable:, this works perfectly on a VM. On k8s this is giving a problem, at the login screen, and all the other screens, Matomo is not showing the Matomo-logo. This is because the path of the logo is different from all the other images in the index.html.

path used in the index.html for the logo:
img src=‘’ tabindex=“3” alt=“Matomo” class=“default-piwik-logo” /

path used in the index.html for the other images:
img src=“plugins/Morpheus/images/loading-blue.gif” alt=“Gegevens laden…” /

Is there a way to reconfigure the path of the logo, to add /stats to the path?? Or to make the path the same as the other images? This would be the easiest solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance