No restriction on segments created by super user in Piwik2.0

Hi Matt,

Good to post a message here.

Concern is like there is no restriction on segments created by super user when enabled for all users from Piwik2.0 and so loggedin users other than super-user can update or delete superuser created segments as per their requirement, which will disable the segments for him & other users as well because $enabledAllUsers will be set as false in DB when SegmentEditor:update() is invoked.

In Piwik1.12, this was restricted. It would be better if the same is restricted in Piwik2.0,
Snippet in /piwik/plugins/SegmentEditor/API.php in method get($segment) should be commented as,
try {

      //  if (!$segment['enable_all_users']) {
      //  }

    } catch (Exception $e) {
        throw new Exception("You can only edit the custom segments you have created yourself. This segment was created and 'shared with you' by the Super User. " .
            "To modify this segment, you can first create a new one by clicking on 'Add new segment'. Then you can customize the segment's definition.");

Or kindly let me know if this restriction would have been removed more as a feature in Piwik2.0 but this will not be a better solution I guess.

Pls suggest.

can you upgrade to the latest piwik 2.8.0 beta and then explain how to reproduce the problem? ie. list list of steps and what you expect VS what you get?

Thanks Matt,

Restriction is added in Piwik2.8 beta2 :slight_smile: