No response from the matomo marketplace

When I navigate to the Administration tab on my matomo website I get the following error:

It is a Ubuntu 18.04 system.
wget works fine.
It’s a config issue. Can someone help me, which config needs to be edited?


Can you maybe also try fetching the data using curl (as php also uses libcurl for requests).
Maybe check your php error log in there are more details there.

Hi, sure!

But I don’t know what the (35) error means.

No more info in php error log


It seems like something between your server and the Matomo website is interrupting the connection. Is there by chance some firewall, proxy server, antivirus or anything like that, that could be responsible for this?

Can you maybe try if you can connect to other websites? (e.g. Hosting made for everyone | alwaysdata which is hosted in the same network as the Matomo sites)

the php_error_log:

Is there any other log with more details?

Yes there is a proxy. The proxy admin chekd it and there is no error message. All proxy requests get a 200 response.


As long as curl from the command line can’t connect, it also won’t work in Matomo. So I would first try to get the curl request to work as it is far less complex.

Did you set up the proxy in Matomo:

I am not using a reverse proxy. I set up the following in the config.ini.php:


Further ideas on how to fix it?
I appreciate your help!

I don’t know why, but after 3 months the issue has solved itself.
Marketplace is now available again.
Give it some time and it won’t let you down :smiley:

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Unfortunately I can’t provide a helpful solution for that issue :confused: