No more tracking with Prestashop and Wordpress since Piwik 2.12


Since I updated to Piwik 2.12, Piwik trackind doesn’t work at all with the recommended prestashop module

Same thing with Piwik 2.11.1, everything was fine on 2.11.

I tried to reinstall completely the module, still nothing, the tracking code is clearly visible on my website footer.

Can you help me please ?

Hi Kevin

if you use the plugin ipv6Usage please upgrade it from:

if you don’t use it, please PM me or write here your website URL?

Hello Matt,

I don’t use the plugin ipv6Usage.

I donwgraded to a 2.11.2 backup and everything was fine again.

I just upgraded again to 2.12.1, no tracking, I’ll PM you my website so you can see what’s wrong.

I am not sure but I think it is also the same thing with wordpress, I’ll give you an url too.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, do you have some news matt ?

I upgraded to 2.12 yesterday for you to analyze but I can’t stay without tracking for long.

There is definitely something changed in 2.12, no more tracking with officials Prestashop and Wordpress :frowning:

For Wordpress WP-Piwik, there is a discussion about that here

Hi Kevin

please upgrade to 2.12.1 and if it’s not working send me an email at matt at with your website URL and this forum post URL

Also do you see any error in your server error logs?

I see the error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Piwik\IP::N2P() in /home/PiwikAnalytics/plugins/IP2Location/IP2Location.php on line 55

The problem is IP2Location plugin - please upgrade this plugin to latest.

Hi Matt, solved for Prestashop, that works since IP2location plugin upgrade :slight_smile:

Still nothing on Wordpress :frowning:

How can I do to see by myself the error you showed in your previous post ?