No more access to my statistics

I got a problem, since yesterday I cannot access to my statistics page. I got the message: Network Timeout Error
A data request to … time out.
I cannot access with Safari on my mac, nor with Firerox. The same problem with the Piwik app on my iPhone and on my iPad.
Strangely, since the same period of time, my site is very very slow; Although the page is loaded entirely, the browser continues to load something, I do not know what. I do not know if there is a link, but the two things happened at the same time.
Anyone can help?
Thank you.

I am sure now that the problem is from Piwik because I copied some pages of my site without Piwik, and they are loading quite fast. The same page with Piwik loads slowly.

It really sounds like your second problem (website loading “slowly”*) is because of your first problem (piwik being extremely slow until it times out).

What kind of server are you using? Can you check CPU, Memory and Disk usage (if possible) while a sow request is running. You can also check if your MySQL server is taking a long time to respond. (e.g. via the slow-query-log)

Are there any errors in the php error log?

* “slowly”, because piwik doesn’t in fact slow down your website, even if it isn’t working correctly, as the web browser is waiting until your website has finished loading and is perfectly usable before the first piwik request does start (as it is loaded asynchronously)

Thank you Findus for your answer. Sadly, I cannot answer to your questions. I just have a little personal site, I know nothing about CPU, Memory, MySQL, etc. And I am not so much young, now.
My web hosting is Gandi, that is all I can say you.
I have disabled Piwik from my website, it works better. It is not that I need it, because as I told you, it is a personal site, it was only for the fun and see from where visitors were coming.
If you are so kind to tell me how I can answer your question, it would be appreciated. But it is not a question of life and death!

Well, I’ve done nothing, and from now, all works fine.
Thank you again, Findus.

Um, you’re welcome, I guess :wink:

It probably was a temporary issue with your server host.