No logging since update to 1.3:S



i’ve updated my piwik from 1.2, to 1.3 manually (backup config.ini.php, overwritting all files, restore config.ini.php) and started the update procedure and everything looked fine, but now i find out, that there is no more logging since the update?

There are no new entry in “log_visit” since april 18th.

Does anyone has a hint for me, where to look and how to fix it?

Kind regards

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Check your error logs, there must be some kind of error. What is your site URL?



i think the problem was my manual update. I pushed all files via ftp on the server, and now I saw that piwik.php belongs to the ftp user, and not to the www user. I changed the owner of the files and now it is logging again…

Unfortunately there were no error log entries in the apache errorlog, or in the piwik logging tables - i think that piwik.php could not connect to mysql.

dj pogo