No events show up in matomo interface


I am missing something on what regards event tracking.

I have a button on a very simple form page with no CMS.

on this page, form.php, you can get to different languages using the following url: form.php?lang=en
(i do not believe this matters but you never know)
This page includes a header.php where the normal followup matomo/piwik code is inserted (exact code that matomo/piwik tells you to insert, i just copy/pasted it).

<?php include_once("header.php"); ?>

On this form, i have a button whose activity i would like to follow. I have set the following code:

when i click on this button, absolutely nothing happens on the matomo / piwik side.

is there any reason for this?
Should i add some parameters on the matomo piwik side?

What is it that i am missing?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

of course once i finished this post i went back to check and events were showing up!

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