No entry or class found for 'entities.idNames'

Hello, I’ve installed Piwik behind an nginx reverse proxy / load balancer / tls termination proxy all containerized with docker stack. In addition I’ve installed MySQL DB into a container with persisting data on a different server. When checking on it, I’ve noticed this issue pop up for a lot of the sections. What is this issue?

Here is the image of the dashboard:


Could you check the javascript console and the php error log, if there are any helpful errors?

Here’s the JS Console

Not really much, and Error Log is empty.


I have seen this problem. For my team, the cause was a badly executed upgrade of Piwik.
The config/global.php was being overwritten with the file from the previous version, thus removing the registration of “entities.idNames”.

Double check that you are registering it with:

'entities.idNames' => DI\add(array('idGoal', 'idDimension')),

That line should be in your global.php config file.
Hope it helps.


Thanks for the help, this was the exact issue we were having.