No data

I just installed the latest version of Piwik an hour ago. When I access the dashboard, I see no data message.

I manually visited the site myself and the tracking code exists in the page. I tried the instructions mentioned in FAQ, but everything looks fine.

I found that there are no entries in the piwik_log_visit table. But the code is fine. What could be the problem?

Update: When I used the fake generator addon, it generated some data in the reports. But the data from my visitors is still not getting logged.

Did you get a warning during installation? It sounds like you’re using Hostgator. You’ll have to ask them to whitelist your domain from the mod_security rules, or in your tracking code (at the risk of not tracking users with some older browsers), use .setRequestMethod(‘POST’).

I deleted the other language files, and left en.php. I got a warning, but ignored it, since I felt the other language files are not required.
Yes, I am using hostgator and I have used setRequestMethod… before trackPageView…

I am using the code on the same domain, so I don’t think mod_security is a problem.

Still no luck :frowning:

Ask HG to whitelist the domain. It sounds like they’ve changed the mod_security rules to block POST requests too.