No data show on any widgets

(cyclopsvfx) #1

I can install the latest verrsion of piwik 0.5.4 without any errors.
But when I log in, there is no result from any widgets.
I have the both mysqli and pdo_mysql extension.
Moreover, I follow to the suggestion of FAQ at
But it still doesn’ t work.
The table “piwik_log_action” and “piwik_log_link_visit_action” have some data.
But the table “piwik_log_visit” was empty.
I try to solve this problem for a day.
Pleae help me…

(Jens) #2

You did enter the piwik code into the websites you want to track, right?

Can you PM me with the URL to your site? Maybe i can find something.
That is, of cource, only if this problem is still not solved.