No data on time frame that include future days

I dont know if it’s only the last version that show this behavior but i already know that it doesn’t to that on the demo site.

I’ll explain more.
I usally use Piwik to check stats on a day by day basis. I mean, i dont go see them every day; i select a day that i think was my last visit in the calendar and i view stats for each sites that had any visits using links on the multisite and then i advance to the next day until i reach today.
But, today i wanted to see the list of keywords used for the whole year on one of my site so without returning to the multisite i changed the time frame to Year.
Result : No data.
I’ve spent some time trying many different time frames on many sites and it gave the same result, even on the multisite (0 visits).

Then i had an idea, i selected the previous week on one of my sites.
Miracle ! I could see the data.

So, my problem is that if a select an incomplete time frame, one that contain some days in the future, i get no data.

This doesn’t happen on the demo site, for has far as i know.

If you need some “sensible” data like php info, i could send it by email.

Thanks for help and advices.

can you please send an email with this bug description + piwik url + login/pwd at matt atttt ? thanks

Sure i can.

I was thinking of making some of the sites viewable by anons but if you prefer having an account, no problem.

Edit : Scratch that !

I could still make you an account but it seems that the problem has vanished.

It could be related to a message i’ve sent my host a few day ago to inform him that while reinstalling my blog software from scratch i had a MySql error a few times.
The error message was « MySql server has gone away ».

What does that message mean ?
Could it be something like the PHP execution time limit but for MySql ?

Sorry for the false error report. My PHP programming experience is too scarce, i wish i had more…

Edit 2 :
I found an answer on the following page :

It say that normally it takes height hours before connections get timed out. I suppose my host has set the timer to something a bit low by default.

Sratch that.

The problem has return.
But, now i see it less as a problem.
I think it might have something to do with the fact that “tomorrow” is selectable some hours before what it should.
I dont understand why since i’ve setup things on the right timezone… or maybe not, since it’s a new installation.
I have the right timezone on each site definition but there’s also the PHP and MySql timezone if i recall.
I’ll try to look this up.

Edit :

SELECT @@global.time_zone;


and i have


in php.ini and the same timezone in each site definition.