No data for this tag cloud


After the last upgrade I get " No data for this tag cloud".
After a week or so I did a fresh install and let the install delete all sql info as well and start over.
Still the same problem. And it’s not a browser cache issue.

It was working fine then just did this out of the blue initially, with nothing else changed.

Any ideas ?

The site main site of concern is a joomla based site using a plugin.

I did have two hand coded sites using piwik as well successfully and the same problem there now also but I’ve removed the piwik code from those as it’s redundant if not working.
I know I have daily hits that should be reporting, some of them my own.

Any help is appreciated.



An SQL server restart done by my service provider fixed the problem. No other changes made.
Some other site global issues made this problem show it’s head just today.
Error logs didn’t indicate any issues with database connection however.

Sometimes things just gotta completely break completely before they can be fixed.

Thanks to anyone who had pondered the situation.

Same problem for me, but… MySQL restart didn’t solved the problem. Yesterday Piwik (0.2.37) just stopped showing graphs. As I see in MySQL tables - all data is updated and inserted correctly (I checked in piwik_log_visit table). But all widgets show “No data for this graph/table/tag cloud”. “Last visits” vidget shows 0 visits in since yesterday.

If anyone can tell me how they fixed this, it would be a lot of help. Restarting MYSQL didn’t fix the issue for me, nor did a hard reboot. Trying to fix the error on a friends site.