No data for December 2013



I upgraded to Piwik 2.0 on the 19th of December and I got the issue #4380 which was solved in the 2.0.2 (I upgrade to 2.0.2 ion the 23th of December).

Now everything work as expected except that I got nothing for December 2013. November and January are fine but December shows “There is no data for this report.” in every report. I am not very worried because the database do have some data for December.

When I look at the stats weekly, everything is Ok except 2 weeks: 25 Nov - 1 Dec and 23 - 29 Dec which displays 0 visit.

Finally when I look at the stats daily, everything is fine, I have the expected visits for each day.

I have no message in my apache error log.

Does anybody have any idea about that problem ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

see: How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi Matt,

It worked, thank you !