No data captured by Piwik

I have setup the piwik in following way on my local machine.

My website on => http://localhost:82/

Piwik on => http://localhost:81/piwik

Following is the tracking code used on default.html at http://localhost:82/default.html.

While visiting the Piwik after few visits to the page, doesn’t show any Visitor’s. Meaning displayed as zero for everything.

What could be the problem?


See the first FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for responding. Yes, I went through the FAQ, did the following but now I have more problems.

  1. Ghostery has a whitelist on localhost and it appears correctly when I visit localhost with no crossed mark. Instead it counts and shows Piwik Analytics. So assuming it’s not a problem.

  2. Script is pasted as follows, double checked to make sure it’s correct.

  1. Set archival flag to mark yes and checking for the correct website and correct URL.

  2. Since the installation was through Web Platform Installer - it was asking me to upgrade - new button on the right.

  3. Updated using that button. Which in turn also updated the database.

  4. All successfull message appears. Rebooting the system and checking again, with no result - same as before.

on top of this, now If I go to the settings and try to see my javascript tracking code, it displays a blank box with no javascript code.

What other checks can i make?

If you want other visitors to be tracked, you have to change the “localhost” to the public domain name. Otherwise, should at least track you (try a differet browser without ghostery).

you can also debug as explained in: