No data being displayed. no entries in database on premise


I could have some help with getting some visitors shown in the dashboard.

i have the correct trackingcookie on my site
have checked ssl support. logged in with vpn and regular client.

logged in with non redirect, directly to

i am using october cms. centos 7 at strato hosting vps

i searched for an hour on the topic no data being shown, but i am stuck.

help apprecieated.

Kind regard,


Hoi Wouter,

Did you allready followed this guidelines:


Hi Peter,

Thanks for replying.

Yes i followed these guidelines.

Strangely enough when i looked at the stats today it worked.

Half a day after installing…

I guess this topic can be closed, allthough i believe it should at least work in a couple or minutes or so on the first run…

Kind regard,


Hi Wouter,

great that Matomo receives data and the issue is solved.