No config.ini.php file error on installation

Hi. I tried searching the forum, but could not find an answer to this.

I am new to piwik. I tried following the installation instructions, but get the HTTP 500 error on the system checklist.

GET request to piwik.php failed. Try whitelisting this URL from HTTP Authentication and disable mod_security (you may have to ask your webhost). For more information about the error, check your web server error log file.
After making this change, restart your web server.

I don’t have mod_security enabled.

I get this error in the Apache logs:

[Thu Aug 06 18:15:12 2015] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'The configuration file {/srv/www/} has not been found or could not be read.' in /srv/www/\nStack trace:\n#0 /srv/www/ Piwik\\Application\\Kernel\\EnvironmentValidator->checkConfigFileExists('/srv/www/analytics.i...', false)\n#1 /srv/www/ Piwik\\Application\\Kernel\\EnvironmentValidator->validate()\n#2 /srv/www/ Piwik\\Application\\Environment->validateEnvironment()\n#3 /srv/www/ Piwik\\Application\\Environment->init()\n#4 {main}\n  thrown in /srv/www/ on line 64

Apache has read/write permission in the directories.

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Generally, it’s best to set all directories and their contents to 755 permissions, except the tmp and config directories and their contents, which need 777 permissions to begin with.

Once Piwik is properly configured and running, the config directory and all its contents can be set to 755. The tmp directory requires 777 permissions at all times.

I hope this helps.