No analytics being collected with tracking JS

Hi all,

I just installed Piwik recently on my VPS which is running the following:

Apache 2.4
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
PHP 5.5

My directory structure is as follows

/var/www is my main website install (ForkCMS) -

/var/analytics is my piwik install location -

I setup a config for analytics like so:

# analytics config file allows redirection of /analytics

Alias /analytics /var/analytics

<Directory /var/analytics>
	Options FollowSymLinks

# Disallow web access to directories that don't need it
<Directory /var/analytics/>
	Require all granted

After installing Piwik successfully I added the Piwik tracking code to my scripts on ForkCMS

When I navigate to my website, you can see in firebug that the tracking code is working and is fetching the piwik.js, however when I check my dashboard there is no hits being recorded.

No errors are being recorded on the browser console.

So what do you think is going wrong here?

Hi there,

please check this FAQ: Piwik doesn't track any visits and pages, and shows "There is no data for this report" in all reports. - Analytics Platform - Matomo