No Access after Upgrade to V3

Hi everybody,
after upgrading to V3 I only can see this message:

An error occured
Template “@CoreHome/_applePinnedTabIcon.twig” is not defined in “@CoreUpdater/layout.twig” at line 16.

Before I try to restore from backup I will ask here for a solution :wink:

Thanks and best regards

Markus from Northern Frisia


try to re-upload all files. it should work afterwards

OK, thank you for your quick Response.
I will download and extract the Installation files and upload them.
The Upgrade was started as auto-upgrade.

I will let you know, what the result is.

After downloading and unpacking the zipped insallation files I uploaded them excpt the Folder “config”.
First time after the upload I was asked to run the database upgrade script.

Now everything seems to be right.

Thank you very much and best regards from Germany