Newsletter Links not showing up in Campaigns

I have various links in my email newsletter, all with various keywords generated using the Piwik URL builder. But when I click through to our Web site using the links, Referrers -> Campaigns only shows the FIRST one I clicked on. It’s like all the other ones were part of the same visit or session and therefore don’t register.

I’d appreciate any advice. I’ve searched the forums/site, but can’t seem to find this exact problem.

There is maximum 1 campaign counted per visit (the first one)

Thanks, matt.

If I understand correctly, I can’t see (in Campaign View) when a single visitor has clicked on more than one link in my newsletter?

I suppose I can see this in the Visitor Log, but I haven’t yet found a way to group all visits that are part of the campaign so that I get an overview.

I would appreciate any further suggestions you might have.

In the Page Urls report you will see the various URLs used to get the detailed info about how each link was clicked in the mailing

Actually, all my links go to the same page and thus show up as one page. They just point a different spot on the page using anchor tags (#).

I had thought that because each URL contained a different anchor tag, that these might show up as separate URLs in the tracking. No such luck :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Or you could link to yourpage.html?link1 or link to yourpage.html?sidebar

I’d like to track newsletters with Piwik’s campaign features, too.

It would be great to have an additional parameter, for example pk_multi=true). This parameter could make Piwik track multiple campaign links during your visit, but only if the parameters pk_kwd or pk_campaign changed. This way it would keep the tracked visits unique.