Newest version of Piwik compatible with RHEL 6?

What is the newest version of Piwik that will work with RHEL 6?

Unfortunately, although still receiving security fixes, the PHP and MySQL packages that ship with RHEL 6 are now quite old.

I just tried to update our Piwik 2.x installation on our test server, and unfortunately it failed after complaining that our version of PHP was too old.

While I do understand that it is often desirable to make use of new language and application features, unfortunately this also has to be balanced with the “business requirement” that server upgrades inevitably have to be somewhat more conservative, and there does need to be a reasonable degree of support for tortoises as well as hares…

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Piwik 2.x needed at least PHP version 5.3.3.

That’s sort of what I thought. Our server does have PHP 5.3.3, but when I tried to upgrade Piwik to a newer 2.x version, the upgrader complained that it needed PHP 5.5.9 or newer, and then failed (not without having broken the existing installation first, unfortunately; just as well it was a test server!).

Hi, @david55

This is a missing feature of the updater. As it doesn’t check the available PHP version before starting the update it tries to install 3.x which fails.

But you can still download the latest 2.x version (2.17.1) from and update manually:
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