Newbie trying to install

I’m trying to install matomo. I have my MySQL DB and I have PHP installed on a Windows 2016 IIS server.
The next step is to ftp the files to the server. The iis server does not have ftp and the instructions do not state to install/configure your iis for ftp services.

What’s my next step?


Hi, if you have access to the webserver you don’t need FTP.
You can download the latest version of Matomo and place it in the IIS Web Site Home Directory. Unzip the files and then go to the localhost/URL of the webserver.
After that it is following all the instructions visible on the screen.
Good luck

OK, I get it now. The instructions ASSUMED no access to copy the files to the folder. I do have access so I copied the files to the wwwroot folder. It came up with an error about not having write access to the folder so I granted the user “IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool” read write and it appears to works.

I have another question but i’ll start a new thread.