Newbie Question: Archiving Trigger



Can anyone help with this?

I recently set up Piwik on My Windows server and all is well

Up until now I have been using it for sites with light traffic

I am now rolling it out on a very heavy traffic server that has extreme usage spikes during an event that will happen at the end of the summer

I noticed that under general setting it is recommended to change the achiving trigger to “No and 3600 seconds” to stop the reports trigger on browser.

My question is why am I setting 3600 seconds in the GUI and also setting up and Cron Job (Scheduled task in my case)?

Am I doubling up here or have I missed something?

Any help would be great

Thanks in advance


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

GUI decides the max time to live, Cron will then run as often as you want but will respect this time to live. So, cron should run about the same frequency as the max time to live you set in the UI