Newbie Individual Email Tracking Help Needed

I am new to Piwik - just installed it last week. I have been reading some posts on this forum and the user guides and searching on Google, but still am not quite understanding everything to correctly to track my individual email opens.

I am not getting any of the email opens to show up like I am expecting in the Events, Actions, Pages, or Content areas. I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly.

I have watched a video about entering in tracking codes to be able track when emails are opened at the following URL:

Here are some questions I have:

  1. How can I verify that the Piwik code is getting automatically updated on each page of my website?

  2. If I create an image tracking Link for an email to John Brown so I can see if John Brown opens the email, do I have to set “Add tracking code = Enter manually” and put that line of code (see below) into the WP-Piwik - Enable Tracking - Tracking code box ?


I have done this, but it does not look like it is working.

  1. If I have the Add tracking code set to “Enter manually” in the WP-Piwik - Enable Tracking tab, will it still automatically put that code into each page or does this mean I have to manually enter this code on every page?

  2. If I am creating individual image tracking links for each potential client or email campaign, does that mean every tracking link must be added to every page of my website? That seems very cumbersome and will get very long over time.

  3. or is the image tracking link just a “virtual” link that does not have to actually exist on my website, but when the email is opened then it calls up the Piwik tracking program and pushes a record of the event because we used the proper codes to track that individual event (like what I currently do with Google Analytics – I create the GA URL as a 1x1 pixel “image” for a particular email template so when that email is opened it calls up the GA info that I entered and logs it)

I tried to insert the code I used in my post, but it is just showing an image placeholder. What do I need to do to be able to insert the code for my example?