Newbie dashboard access

Hi. I’m new to Piwik and I have trouble linking my site to my dashboard. Our website (university faculty) was created by the university web designers who use a JavaScript code linked to their administrator accounts in Piwik. I was given a new dashboard login, but as I understand it, I need to use the code from my dashboard and insert it on every page in my site. Is there any way to link my Piwik account to the existing code so that I don’t have to edit the source code of each page (site is huge! Also university administrators are weary to have outsiders edit the source code of the site’s pages)? Alternatively, will the best option be to ask to be added as a user with limited access (only to my site) by our Piwik administrators? I will really appreciate any help (I’m not a programmer, though, so I am not fluent in code-speak)