Newbie. Can't start dashboard


Hi all,

I am new to Piwik. I run a MOODLE installation that supports Piwik.
I installed correctly into my website, and I have a folder called “

In there everything installed correctly, and I even pasted the js code into the footer on my moodle website. But that’s where it all became fuzzy.

The docs talk about using the dashboard. I thought there would be a way to login to and I could register and get credentials and then would see the data coming from my website. But that isn’t happening.

So, what is supposed to happen after the initial install? I can’t get to the dashboard. What is the secret? Nothing is mentioned anywhere I can find. Am I supposed to get an email giving me instructions?

In short, everything is installed per the directions, but I can’t get to the dashboard.

Please help!


Can anyone help???


just restart , simply that


Sorry. I don’t understand. Restart what??

I installed it on my hosted web server. Can you please be more specific?

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

Go to
and login


Just so everyone knows, I reinstalled PIWIK, and it resolved itself.