Newbie alert, a Q not in Faqs re Google analytics

Hi Piwikians,

I could not find this specifically in the faqs file or in forums, so please be gentle with your answers.

I use Google analytics, and am wondering, except for privacy issues why I would want to change to this software. (yes I have read this sites answers) - looking for a user point of view). I recently have a new joomla site and am wondering what advantage Piwik will give me for that? Would I just load the code into the template so it tracks every page - assuming that my local aussie host supports this package and I am convinced of its benefits.

I notice in the demo that many people who are using the piwik site at the moment are FireFox fans, is there a correlation between not using Google and a preference for Piwik?

Are there any special issues that I should look out for if I use piwik with Joomla 1.5 ???