New version frustration

Just some frustration…

Why do new versions have so much bugs, such as;
[li] Translations get overwritten.
[/li][li] Some translations are not fully translated, but they get overwritten all the time.
[/li][li] Goals do not work (v1.8.4).
[/li][li] Templates get overwritten.
[/li][li] No ignore file.
[/li][li] New release are not stable.

The Piwik team should choose between minor updates (bug fixes) 1.8.4.* and new versions 1.8.5 and so on…

Anybody other idea’s? Piwik dev?

    1. ) we are working on new translation system and this release was a FAIL regarding translations, but it will get better as this is one of our priorities of course
  1. ) see fix: 301 Moved Permanently

  2. ) what do you mean, did you make custom changes to templates and they got overwritten ? what custom changes?

5.) what do you mean ?

  1. Templates get overwritten.

Since the cookielaw in Europe is introduced we use the cookie iframe from piwik, which is perfect.
We changed quite a lot to the frame to integrate nicely with the websites. But its getting a bit frustrating when new Piwik updates overwrites all those changes.

  1. No ignore file.

Github has a very usefull file, .gitignore. Maybe something Piwik can use to.