New User: Pointing Piwik to Different Directory for each site's Apache logs?

Looking into Piwik to solve some tracking needs I have with my clients. Haven’t installed yet, because I have a technical question I couldn’t find in the docs.

I do webhosting for my client’s sites. I have 100+ sites on there now. My Apache logs are stored in sub-directories in each website’s directory. Is it possible to tell Piwik to look into different directories site by site to locate the logs for processing each night?

Yes since you tell Piwik the name/path of the logfile. You would need a script that would call the correctly.
See Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have installed Piwik and my first site, but I don’t see anywhere to specify the location of the log files.

See the link matt provided. You have to use the script to import webserver logs into piwik. Its not built into the gui.

Tried to work through it last night. Couldn’t make it work. Bummer. I am not a SysAdmin primarily. I can usually get around, but have no clue what to do when things don’t work as instructed. May have to hire someone.

Maybe you would better use the standard way of tracking data with Piwik which is the Javascript tracking code (instead of using log files);